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Building Latinx political power.


EquisLabs is a resource for leaders in the Latinx community who have ideas with the potential to create a more active Latinx electorate, but haven't yet found the support they need to launch or reach scale, especially in the areas of data, research and communication. We offer funding, leadership development and fellowship, and the space to experiment.

The problem: Old modes of thinking about Latinx voters, and outdated infrastructure to engage them, leaves many disconnected from the political process—leading to lower rates of participation and less power. Often our voters aren't being targeted; when they are targeted, they are not being reached; and when they are being reached, it is with messages that aren't connecting. It leaves our voters at a deficit of information, even about who's on the ballot.

Our goal: An informed and active Latino electorate, led by a new generation of Latinx leadership that is changing the way we think about the community and building toward power.

Our solution: Creating a home for ideas, learnings, and leaders that have the potential to massively increase Latinx civic participation and build power—if given the structure, support, and risk-tolerance they need to reach scale. Our work is focused on three areas: data, digital, and leadership.